General Medicine

Internal Parasites

For almost 30 years we have been somewhat complacent regarding parasite management. We have all felt that as long as we did our ‘two-month rotations’ everything was okay.

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Laboratory Testing

At New York Equine, we use several laboratories to offer our clients the most accurate and complete bloodwork.

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Vaccination is intended to stimulate an immune response in the horse so that antibodies are produced against the disease to be used if the horse is later exposed to that disease.

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One of the common emergencies that we encounter in equine practice is a call for a swollen, weepy eye. These symptoms can point to a couple of different ocular problems, and a thorough exam is needed to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

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Geriatric Care

Understanding these changes and addressing the evolving needs of your loved one will help your horse achieve their best potential to a “ripe old age”.

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Preventative Care

We at New York Equine love seeing happy, healthy horses. That is why we promote preventative care to recognize and hopefully prevent problems before they start.

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Tick Borne Diseases

Lyme disease is regularly seen in humans in our area, and is recognized with increasing frequency in our horse population. Caused by a bacteria carried by deer ticks, Lyme disease can cause fevers…

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Gastroscopy is used to diagnose gastric ulcers, which can lead to behavioral and performance issues in the horse.

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